Auntie Tiffy’s Day Of FUN!!

Phew what a lovely few days of weather we have had (praying it lasts just a little bit longer!!)!  I have enjoyed an utterly splendid weekend although I must confess I haven’t even looked at a sewing machine or laptop since Thursday last week so things (as usual) are still ‘in progress’….  I sincerely apologise for my slacking but let me tell you what I have been up to!!!

So this weekend was my first Saturday off from my proper job in 3 weeks so basically I have been doing 6 days of 9 hour days for 3 weeks with 1 day off plus the hours I spend in the studio or working on my website (yeah yeah I know that doesn’t appear to get me very far!) but nonetheless it’s a lot of man hours and I was/am cream crackered!  So instead of taking the day off I decided to look after a couple of stray children who had nowhere better to go… oh wait… they were my nieces! My sister finally clicked that I’ll commit to anything with enough notice so this was pencilled in the diary some time last decade so no getting out of it, plus they are MY nieces so it wasn’t all bad!

The diary said ‘S & I’ so that means 2? Well somehow I ended up with S & I & L! At least L, at the tender age of 13 is capable of preventing the 5 year old (I) from drowning at the swimming pool!

I spent the majority of the week planning ‘Auntie Tiffy’s Day Of Fun’, I have done this before you know so am well aware that one activity just won’t cut it therefore planning was essential!

So after my 9 hour day at my proper job I whizzed 30 miles down the road to my sisters house for home made pie (you can read her blog about her food fetish here), beers and a movie with the smalls.  I gave up on a lie in when my sisters small holding of beasts all decided to get up at the same time and demand attention/food/freedom, the smalls were all still asleep!

The cats were most put out that the bunny had claimed there bed as her own!

First on the agenda – a Scavenger Hunt!

Running is so much more fun when your age is still in single digits!

I designed it all by myself you know! Cue lots of arty farty shots taken by moi and lots of forced smiles courtesy of the teenager who didn’t like her picture being taken apparently! (just like her mother!)

I = age 5, S = age 7 and L = age 13! *Proud* (and there are more of them!)

By now I had managed to make them all hungry (make ’em work for it I say!) so we plonked ourselves down just in time for the sun to come out and enjoyed a spectacular Teddy Bears picnic! (with real Teddy Bears!)

They’re just so photogenic!

Next stop swimming with Grandma and Grandad (absolute cop out I know but they wanted to come!), fun and frolics in the pool for a solid hour before good old Auntie Tiffy has to ruin it by spotting the FLOATING POO! Seriously, there was a poop in the pool! AND I SAW IT FIRST, I don’t even know how long it was there before I saw it AND I had been swimming near that very spot! AGH! Everybody was very swiftly decamped to the next pool and the nets were deployed!  From my years of Auntie experience I am predicting it was a small baby poo (based on colour & size) and they probably didn’t mean to do it, it probably just slipped out….. Still… Poo! EEK!  Naturally the smalls thought it was HILAAAARIOUS and we spent the next 10 minutes blaming Grandma (“Urgh Grandma was it YOOOUUU!!!”) then it turned to me (“Tiffy it must have been you cos you saw it first!!!! Uuuuurrrrgggghhhhhh). Much hilarity was had!

Most people probably know this but last year I discovered you weren’t allowed to take photo’s at the pool, not that I could have on this occasion as I was in it and I don’t think even Apple have come that far yet but I tried to at one of the smalls swimming lessons once and was promptly informed by a yummy mummy that I wasn’t allowed.  Something to do with bad men and puppies…

We finally left the pool after we were kicked out and made a dash for the park which was bound to be heaving as it was sweltering heat and everybody MUST be in the park on a day like that! NOT TODAY, a near empty park and the other sister was coming to join us with her small (count.. 1, 2, 3, 4) so now we had another L = age 6 and born on my 21st birthday!

The cousins frolicked while my sister and I gossiped about family politics (probably anyway, it happens a lot with a family as big as ours)…

S & I spot L & other Auntie in the distance!

Without even a 5 minutes warning (I think they were all knackered by now) we walked back to the car for the apparently  loooong drive home.  “Tiffy, do you know the short cut home?”, “Errrr… Yes of course!” (there is no shortcut of course, clearly my sister made up this lie to stop bored children whining about the dreadful 40 minutes they had to sit in the car…. as my mother did for us…..)  Mind you I do remember every car journey taking YEARS when I were wee!

Anyway, homeward bound for the small people where I dutifully dropped them off said my goodbyes and quickly ran back to my Micra for a good old chain smoking session all the way back to the boys whilst reminding myself why I don’t have any children and calculating how quickly I could get a nice cold glass of something alcoholic in my hand.  As soon as I sat down at the boys house (half an hour later) I fell asleep….  I sincerely don’t know how people have children, they are HARD WORK! And I don’t even do it everyday! Phew! To my siblings who may be reading, book in advance… I need time to prepare!!!!

Saturday night I was whisked out for a night of ‘letting my hair down’ by the boy who says I work too hard (but moan too much), many ales were had and Sunday was the grand final of Forest’s Got Talent where the boys band came in 2nd out of 13 acts (*proud again)!

By the time I got to Monday morning I had the serious Monday blues, what a beautiful weekend!

So I rushed home from the proper job today full of motivation and ready to get some serious work done on this website.  I changed into my scrots, did a spot of housework, had dinner with my housemate, got all the computers, paperwork and pencil cases at the ready only to discover that my hosting website is down for ‘Essential Maintenance unil 6pm EST’.

I even had to Google EST….

So my lovelies a blog will have to suffice for now but fear not! Tomorrow is another day and I plan to Get. On. IT!

I’ll be back x

P.s – This is what I was sewing last week, a bespoke order for my fairy godmother who is going back to college in her 50’s… You go girl!

The Hermione!


LOVE LOVE LOVE the pockets on this one! (Apologies for picture quality, i’m still working on this)