I have a shop!

I know, it’s shocking but yes you did read that right!


Break out the fanfare, pop the champers darling – I’m in BUSINESS!!!!!

Let’s not mess about though HERE IT IS!

You can also get there by typing the following in your web browser:


Or just search ‘Handmade By Tiffany’ on http://www.etsy.com (you can even download the app!)

Fingers crossed they all work!

Now apart from my lovely little store, there are some truly beautiful things on Etsy.com and they are all handmade, some are expensive and some not so but they have all been HANDMADE and from someone who knows how much hard work that is, I am officially requesting you have a little browse, just once at least.

I had no idea it took so many hours to just get a few bags on a ready made site! Although  I may have been a little bit of a perfectionist over photos and descriptions and so on and so forth but I hope it’s worth it and portrays a professional handbag designer that looks like she knows what she’s doing!!!!!

I’m so glad I can finally stop feeling guilty about flaunting snippets of my bags on my social networking sites and not being able to sell them without making you lovelies work too hard!  Alas, all that is behind me and despite 18 months passing by I have finally got to a point of being able to share the handbag love.

I’m hoping that I’m now going to have more time to work on some new designs.  I’ve bought some beautiful tweed that I’m dying to turn into something winter-y!

Now I know there isn’t much there but please go and have a look at my Etsy store, tell your friends, buy someone a Christmas pressy, or just pop in every few days so that my sites stats go up a little bit every day and when I check them on my lunch break it will make me smile!

I’m back to the studio ALL weekend working on some new stock and fingers crossed, I may even have some new bits for you all next week! EEK!

Feedback ALWAYS appreciated, despite the rumours I’m actually not perfect xxxx