Sunday Funday!

Oh dear Oh dear… another 10 days or so has passed since my last post, I really must try harder…

I was going to write an epic exciting fun filled post last Sunday night after an epic exciting fun filled day but unfortunately a glass of Merlot and a DVD got in the way (Friends With Benefits… Nice movie… Mila Kunis is my girl crush right now, can take or leave Timberlake) and I had driven over 100 miles across 3 counties that day so my eyeballs were twitching at the thought of staring at screen for an hour.

Alas, I am here now!  So last Sunday the boy was busy in a recording studio (that sounds mighty grand now doesn’t it… he’s a drummer) and I had various offers on the table over what I should do with my day.  Naturally I should have been sewing or working on my website but I was in need of a creative kick start and it was a nice day so I pleased myself!

First stop – Frome Artisan Market!  My good friend and handmade superstar @gingergeek had previously recommended it and as it is only held every quarter I thought I’d best hop along.  More info here –

So I poodled along to Frome in the micra, drove through a variable range of weather, spent 20 minutes looking for somewhere to park the micra and then got lost.  I mean proper lost.  Frome is like one of those little puzzle games you have in crackers where you have to get the ball into the hole by twisting and tilting the board. I was the ball.  It’s BEAUTIFUL and quaint and old and the architecture is gorgeous but at a mere 5ft I couldn’t see over the hoards of people milling around the centre and got myself well and truly lost.  I did however smell A LOT of body odour!

The Farmers Market in the centre (you can’t quite see it but it goes all the way down the hill!)

I was trying to find the mothership who was also there with pals and was gasping for a cup of tea after all the weather and driving and walking, I eventually whipped out the iPhone (never ceases to amaze me), phoned the mothership and within 2 mins had received her co-ordinates by text message which I promptly told my little iPhone to show me how to get to and done, I was there.  BRILLIANT!  I am still in awe over what we can do these days!  I was also practically a mile away from where I should have been and quite possibly would never have found her with her pals directions which were ‘go to the top of the hill’ to which I proclaimed ‘which BLOODY HILL!’ (it was hill central!)

Anyway, along the lost path and the quest to find the mothership I found many exciting things…

This big old ball of fur who was soaking up some rays who unfortunately wouldn’t quite fit in my handbag!

This quaint little side street that I now want to live in with the boy! (Although not sure his aforementioned drumming would go down too well!)

Millie Moon! I had a good old perv at the book shelves…

Millie Moon is a brilliant shop filled with gorgeous fabrics and beautiful haberdashery.  I have been wanting to go along for ages as they run all sorts of classes and things for adults and children, I’m all for getting kids sewing and enjoying good old fashion stitching fun.  Kids these days! Pah! (i’m not actually that old but old enough to say that!)  I would recommend checking them out online or following them on twitter even @milliemoon or

So I browsed Millie Moon’s many bowls of buttons, ribbons, pins, fabrics, BOOKS and things and did buy myself a little something despite having a studio FULL to bursting of pretty things….  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these little sew in ‘hand made with LOVE’ charms! I just can’t decide what to put them on yet!!!

Lunchtime arrived (according to my stomach) and yes I had done all of this before lunch and my sister was already on the blower trying to find out where I was as I had promised to pop along to The Great Dorset Chilli Festival ( with her and Big T (he’s my IT department… ha! He’ll like that).  So off I go to find the micra (this took some doing) and after what should have been an hour of driving but what turned into an hour and a half of variable and mildly terrifying weather and dodgy roads and many many wrong turns I arrived in the beautiful village of Wimborne St Giles and the SUN WAS SHINING!!

Locate skin and blister and aforementioned IT dept and realise that I didn’t get any cash out on route.  Sister and IT dept had also run out of cash and the nearest cash point was 5 miles away but they were undeterred in there quest to kill me by going back to the 2million schoville chilli sauce that they had previously found and making me eat it.  WOW. THAT. BURNS! Temporary facial paralysis is an understatement.

Spent the next hour on a death defying chilli session, by now working our way down in heat (1 million, pah that’s nuffin!) with no money for beers, yoghurts, water or food and a tongue that I can no longer feel.  Sibling rivalry is a powerful thing and there is no way I was going to back down and NOT put these things in my mouth, imagine the ridcule! Ha!  I tried it all, my eyes leaked, my nose ran, my lips felt swollen but I can hold my head high knowing I dunnit! Or something.  I won’t go into details about the state of skin & blister, IT dept and myself the following day but we weren’t so smug by then I tell you!

Did you know you can grow purple chilli’s:

Purple chilli’s!

A FUN FUN DAY I have to say!  Sometimes I relish in the fact that I am lucky enough to be alive, own my own car and be old enough to do what ever I feel like just because I can.  This was one of those days! Woo!

I believe @stormplum and @dabigt enjoyed a Chilli themed date night the following Wednesday which involved Ghost Chilli’s sent from our brother in Shropshire.. I haven’t read the results yet but you can find them here… – I predict much hilarity in her writing as usual!

So now I have reached Saturday and the end of my working week (until Monday) so will be spending the rest of the weekend working towards this website actually going live.  Tomorrow I am off to see my mate @gingergeek with a freshly baked Lemon Drizzle for tea and cake and web design discussions (He’s my consultant creative director or something).

Back soon, I promise xx