Is that the time?

Right, firstly please let me apologise for my absence.  I want to say it’s not my fault, it probably is but right now I don’t feel like taking the blame.

Secondly, I would like to apologise for any grumbling in the first few paragraphs of this blog, you see I have already written a rather witty and informative blog post today (and several more prior to today).  However the Gods clearly decided it wasn’t good enough after I had spent nearly an hour perfecting it so they crashed my computer.  Much groaning commenced.  So here I am again….

It’s not like I have an abundance (love that word) of time on my hands either, I mean it has taken me literally weeks to write another post and I have suffered all manner of guilt over this coupled with the guilt I feel over not producing a website as yet as promised!  Woe. Is. Me.

I have been pretty hectic through this so called summer though, frolicking at the very muddy but beautiful Larmer Tree Festival with the boy, attending my niece’s 5th birthday party (5!!! OMG!) amidst my proper job, visiting parents, friends, sisters and the like I have barely had time to put away the mound of washing that I keep moving from bed to chair to bed to chair to bed again.  I’m not really complaining, far from it, I LOVE my life! I get ALOT done in a relatively short number of hours, I’m always tired but I do have a lot of fun and very much enjoy life.  The guilt thing I can’t cope with though, it’s why I intend to stay baron, I couldn’t cope with child related guilt.  I already do that over the 6 nieces and nephews that I have, if they were my own I’d probably be sectioned with anxiety issues.


  • My darling sister fed me rabbit without telling me… MEAN! (The recipe and her evilness can be found here
  • My sewing machine has been in for MOT and today I get to pick her up again, the man told me that I had managed to damage my beloved Janome through sheer brute force. I was mildly smug about this until he gave me the bill. Atleast she’s back and I can sew again!
  • I have sorted, tidied, hoovered, de-spidered and itemised the studio ready for world domination to recommence.
  • I hate my proper job just a little bit more.
  • I have decided to do a mini bag giveaway on my facebook page! I was feeling warm & fuzzy from all the lovely comments people have been leaving me and thought it would be nice.  See to be in with a chance to win a FREE BAG!

So basically what I am trying to say in a fashion is that things ARE happening in the world of me, I AM working on that website that I keep harping on about, I WILL be launching it this ‘summer’ and I AM VERY EXCITED about EVERYTHING!!!!! I could just do with a PA or sorts to tell everybody these things by extracting them from my brain whilst i’m doing something else.  I even took to speaking my blogs into the voice memo thing on my really cool iPhone and then planned to type them up after all of the brilliant thoughts had flowed (as they don’t tend to at the time of night that I get home).  I am hopeful that I will come up with a system that will enable me to update you lovelies more regularly.  I’m attempting to train @Stormplum up as my PA of sorts as she has an absolute abundance of time at the mo what with her being a student bum and all that (Joke, don’t cry about it).

Either way, very soon my plan for handbag world domination will start taking shape and I will be ON.IT!

Thank you for reading, I absolutely promise to be back soon. With photos! And news!

Love xxx



Here is my brand new shiny blog!

I’ve decided to get all the millions of busy thoughts I have in my head out and give them to you. I will attempt fill these pages with things I love, bags I’ve made, fabrics that excite me and ideas I’ve thought up when drinking my 35th cup of tea of the day.

I’d love you to read, enjoy, share and give me feedback on anything I post. I try to make my bags exactly as people want them so that will love them as much as I love making them, so if you have any thoughts do tell me!

My website will be up and running very soon but this is an informal way of me sharing what goes on in the brilliantly busy bag making world of Tiffany. (that’s me by the way)