It’s February already!

How did this happen?!  Last time I checked it was the new year and I was failing miserably at all of my new years resolutions!

Well, here I am, again 6 weeks after my last post. Sorry.

I have however added a new bag to my on-line store today which is possibly a first this year.  Here it is!


Unfortunately I have had to take a break from custom orders (I’ve made 4 of those this year!) to enable me to re-stock my little store which is looking pretty bare!  For that reason I have also dropped a few of my prices to try and have a good winter clear out to make way for lots of lovely spring/summer stock!

I am optimistic that I will have some beauty’s online ready for you all before the month is out.  I am determined to get things moving and not allow my proper job to consume my entire week. I love it but some weeks it wipes me out!

Right, enough grumbling and excusing myself, i’m off for a bubble bath and early night to ensure I’m topped up on sleep for the coming week!

I know this quote has been over done for the past 20 years but it’s affective…

“I’ll be back”



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