HAPPY NEW YEAR (and we’re having a sale!)

Wow!  The six weeks since my last blog have literally whizzed by.  I sincerely apologise for the lack of updates from HBT HQ but isn’t Christmas just hectic!  I don’t even have any children and I still resembled that manic woman from the M&S advert (or was it asda?), with a lot of lists of things to do and much too-ing and fro-ing admist all the socialising, dinners & festive drinks events! Phew!

I have suffered probably 19 ailments including hangovers, colds, sore throats, coughs and unexplained bruises over the festive season but I have at least made it through alive!

I sincerely hope all of my lovely readers (and of course any future readers plus everybody else in the world) had a most enjoyable relaxing holiday season. and of course HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I was talking to my BFF yesterday eve about the whole festive season and how much we love autumn and winter (when we think about it in the middle of a dreary summer not when it actually arrives) but actually, when you get half way through the short days, long dark and damp nights and break through to January you actually start to crave the longer days, slightly milder weather and the pleasure of going outside without wearing five jumpers!

I am positively bursting with excitement about 2013 and have grand plans to make it the best year yet for HBT.

For me, Christmas was a most sociable time and obviously was lovely to have our first Christmas in our own home.  The boy insisted we have a real tree which was awesome!

Christmas at The Manor!

Christmas at The Manor!

I attended my works Christmas bash which was a grand affair with lots of free wine (!).

Gathered with many friends for a good old curry and a catch up.

Took the mothership for a fabulous birthday lunch at a most fancy french restaurant (by now my waistline is already suffering).  Jazz and I had fun with garlic bread (garlic bread!)

Good 'Tache Jazz!

Good ‘Tache Jazz!

Christmas was spent at the boys parents and we received an abundance of handy new home gifts which excited me no end (The boy was less excited about my new Pyrex and electric whisk).  Boxing day was the usual gathering at Grandma’s with about 30 extended family members.  Bring a plate kind of thing. I decided onesies should make an appearance for a change so this happened…..

Onesie Boxing Day!

Onesie Boxing Day!

Even the mothership wore one! Genius!

Next year we’re going to get Grandma one for her Christmas present!

The boy and I also attended the third instalment in our very own Come Dine With Me which started in June.  We weren’t keen on doing them all in one week so we dragged it out half a year or so.  I don’t think that’s too excessive!  The theme for this one was favourite movie characters.  Can you guess who we are?

Brilliant 'Tache!

Brilliant ‘Tache!

NYE was spent at a live music event which was rip-roaring and then back to work with a thump.  Although I worked all over Christmas on the non-bank holidays and all of the aforementioned events happened over a period of 10 days so didn’t really feel like I had much of a break but it was brilliant fun all the same.

I made a couple of bags for Christmas presents which were made in such a rush (on Christmas EVE!) that I completely forgot to take photos!


I have however added a new bag to my Etsy store and have decided to have a little January Sale all of my own!  So if you pop along to my Etsy store right now (you can click the blue words and it’ll take you straight there) you can enjoy a huge 20% off by just entering the coupon code NEWYEAR2013 when you check out.  How generous am I!  I’m planning to head straight to the studio this week for a good old de-clutter and re-group! I’m really keen to get some new designs together this year and branch out with my patterns so please bare with me if my online store isn’t full to bursting straight away.  I’ll be sure to keep you updated as much as is feasibly possible (as usual i’m ever the optimist!)

So, having just cooked and demolished a monstrous roast dinner with the fam I must love you and leave you as I continue my quest down my ‘January To Do’ List.

Have a brilliant January, good luck with the new years resolutions and don’t forget to tell your family and friends about my online sale!!!  Pop along to my store stat!



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