Festive success!

Hello again, this is a new blog and it’s been less than a week since my last! Shocked?  Don’t be, i’m turning over a new leaf!  Especially since discovering that people (well, Jim at least) are actually reading it!

So, I’m not sure if I mentioned it before now but I was at a Christmas Fair selling my bags this weekend.  Oh? You hadn’t heard!  Well let me tell you all about it then!

Unfortunately the weekend did not start well after waking up on Friday with that familiar imploding head, snot filled face, aching, crap bag feeling which spelled a bloody cold.  I do not have the time or patience for ill.  Perhaps i’ve over done it? My mother would say i’ve been burning the candle at both ends.  I always told her this was not true even if it was. Anyway…the fair!

Smallest sister Jazz came to help as she has just spent 9 months working away using the hard sell/silent close sales pitches that dodgy car salesmen would be proud of.

My stall was festive, strangely nobody else’s was… it was a Christmas fair so I don’t know why everyone else missed the Christmas bit!

Looking chipper at the start of the day!

Jazz and I were full of festive cheer…

Happy helper!

We had the saddest little Christmas tree ever….

97p Tesco value tree….

We bribed small children with the candy canes to allow there parents to browse for longer….. I hope none of them were cursing me by 4pm when there smalls went into meltdown!

I fear I look like the child snatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in this one!

Then I got a little tired what with my cold and long long week….

Santa’s little helper needs a nap! (or some Beechams)

Luckily for me and all my efforts (and much thanks to Jazz and the motherships sales techniques!) the stall was looking much emptier by 3pm…..

Where’s (the) Wally!

Jazz and I started a little game during the quiet period… can you guess what the game was?

The new ‘travel’ bag, you can take a whole sister anywhere you go!

Now where did my sales rep get to? I’m sure I left her here somewhere!

I don’t think she’s actually in this one unless she’s exceptionally good at this game!

So that was my Christmas Fair.  I had some great feedback and have a few bags left to get on my Etsy.com store. (I’ll post details of the actual store when it’s ready)  I did attempt to take some nice photos of said bags this evening as promised but unfortunately I’m still working on getting the lighting right so please bare with me for just a few more days while I overcome this technical hitch.  I’m heading out in my lunch break tomorrow to get some lamps and will endeavour to get them up by Wednesday (i’m optimistic as ever but please don’t hold me to this!).

I’m also rather hopeful that now I have got all of the big life changes out of the way, I will have more time.. blah blah blah. You know the drill, i’m going to stop apologising and justifying myself here.  I don’t see you making handbags.

Right, off to my other social networking sites to update the world on my shenanigans   Thank you for listening. And. Goodnight x


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