Christmas, Handbags and Zombies

I admit it.  I am rubbish at this blogging.  I’m not sure where everybody else finds the time to sit down for an hour and write about stuff when I have to schedule it into my diary. Alas, I’m here now so panic over.

Anyway I have an excuse (as always), i’ve been getting ready for my CHRISTMAS FAIR!!!  “Hurrah” I hear you cry!  Now I am not the biggest fan of Christmas normally, my family is enormous and I usually spend the time broke and drunk but laughing till I wee as my sister and I regress over dinner, however now that I get to sell things at Christmas Fairs I LOVE it!  My favourite bit being decorating my table with festive shenanigans and sending smallest sister off to buy Santa hats!  You won’t miss my table at this one!

So, after you have read this very paragraph, go and get your diary and in THIS ‘Saturday’ (10th November 2012) write down XMAS FAIR, ANTROBUS HOUSE, AMESBURY 10am-4pm. Then come back to your computer and finish reading this blog…. Go on then. Do it. Do it. DoitDoitDoitDoitDoitDoitDoitDoitDoitDoit! 🙂

Done? Good.  Hopefully you made a cuppa on the way back as this is going to be a long one, it’s been forever since my last blog!

Most exciting-ness took place over Halloween, me, my Ma & baby sister were involved in a world record attempt!  I know, how EXCITING! For those that haven’t heard of Thrill The World basically somebody decided that it would be really cool to get as many people together all over the world, all doing Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance at the exact same time.  Somehow it turned into a Guinness world record attempt and happens every year.  MJ himself even knew about it (God rest his soul) and apparently used some of the footage in one of his music videos.  If you’ve never heard of it, check out the website, it’s all in aid of charity and raises loads of money for great causes (and of course is brilliant fun!)

I can safely say that I ‘know’ the dance (I may have had a small reminder of the moves written on my hand which unfortunately didn’t work because i’m a donut and forgot it would be dark when we did it!) and am hoping to do it for many years to come cos it was a blast!

Here’s me, Ma & Jazz rocking the zombie look!

We don’t really do mornings!

BBC’s Children In Need filmed the actual dance so keep your eyes peeled for us on the tele-box and the local paper even popped along….(Love this photo)

A few of the zombies broke away from the group for the paps!

If you fancy seeing our attempt in all it’s creepy glory you can find it HERE!  (I’m at the back with all that hair – possibly my best back-comb ever!)

Strangely I’m terrified of zombies but still managed to join 90 of them for this.  My sister and I actually had this very conversation this afternoon when  she popped round for lunch (she too is terrified of zombies).  We know the odds on a zombie attack (actually we don’t) but then I found this and this!  Now I must confess I haven’t actually read these articles (they just came up on google) because they put pictures all over the web page and it freaks me out to just look at them.  It’s the eyes! Ask aforementioned sister.  I could go on for days about why zombies freak me out but i’m pleased that somebody has written a book on what to do in the event of an attack, I must remember to put that one on my Christmas list.  I have even, on occasion, made the boy switch the light off at night or come to the toilet with me due to fear of a zombie lurking behind the bathroom door.  You know it’s love when your boy takes you for a midnight wee because your scared of zombies (even when you are 28 years old!).

Speaking of the boy….

We’ve moved in together!! It’s taken nearly 4 years together but we got there in our own time. I have now lost at least 6 hours of my life to Ikea (I am painfully aware that I will never get them back), I have thrown away things that I have for some reason been hoarding for years but never thought to throw away before and I’ve gone all grown up and spent ridiculous amounts of money on things like hoovers, cutlery and hand towels which are purely for the guest toilet! I’m broke (until pay day) but I LOVE IT! Waking up with the boy every day is just an added bonus. If I ever tell you that i’m thinking of moving again please slap me and tell me not to be so stupid!

In other, bag related, news I have a new plan!  As I have been so utterly rubbish at getting my website moving and functional so that you lovely folk can buy my lovely bags, I have decided to take a smaller first step to online flogging and start using  If you haven’t been there before, don’t delay! Click here and go have a browse.  There are some gorgeous things for sale and i’m pretty sure the majority (if not all) are handmade.  I once read a blog on there by a lady who makes handbags from old leather coats and she has managed to quit her day job and works for herself making bags all day!  What a dream, it’s a lovely site and I think it’d be a great starting point for me while I get my head around my website and what I need and want from it.

So the plan is to attend aforementioned Christmas Fair on Saturday with all the lovely bags I have been making this week and then whatever is left will go straight up on Etsy THIS SUNDAY and will be for sale in time for Christmas.  So even if you cant make this Saturday there may still be some bags left over for you to have a look at (and buy) from my Etsy store.  I will post further details on Sunday provided I don’t sell out like last year.  I promise i’m sewing as many as I can as fast as my little machine can cope with.  It’s making an awful noise at the moment and I sincerely hope it doesn’t pack up on me before Saturday!!!

So for now I will stop warbling and leave you with a sneaky peek of some of what’s for sale on Saturday!  Hope to see you there! xxx

Bags in my bay!

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