Madness I tell you, Maaadnesss!!!

Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt.

I have had an absolute whirlwind few weeks (with not enough sewing by far!)

Please (once again) accept my apologies for my absolute crap slackness!

Here’s a vague list of the things I have been up to since my last post….

  • I went to the opening of a new bar/restaurant…. there was a free bar and free tapas…. winning!
  • I went to a ”mammoth” car boot sale in search of beautiful vintage garden things for my ‘ground force project’ which was rubbish and I came away with nothing.
  • I went to two of the boys gigs and played dutiful rodey!
  • I got my colours done by a hairdresser for the first time in years!
  • I went on a hen do dressed as a Barbie (Sailor Barbie to be precise!)
  • I went shopping for new work clothes for my new job.
  • I left my old horrible job!
  • I had a curry to celebrate leaving said horrible job and drank many beers and ate far too much curry!
  • I spent 2 days over hauling my sisters back garden while she was away on holiday.  I was Charlie Dimmock for a couple of days but with a bra!
  • I lost a lot of sleep that same weekend as I went to collect smallest sister from the airport after she had been away working for 10 whole months!! (Totes Emosh!)
  • I started a new, very different but much more enjoyable job.
  • I made my Grandma a handbag for her 80th birthday present (at her request! Huuuge target market!)
  • I organised and attended (as Captain Pigwash) a Murder Mystery night at a faaaaabulous restaurant in Southbourne called The Larder House!  A-MAZ-ING!
  • I attended aforementioned Grandma’s 80th birthday tea party, there was an enormous amount of cake!
  • I got told I had to move out of my flat so i’m house hunting.
  • I wrote a blog…. well i’m working on it!
  • AND this was all whilst doing my full time job, my housework, washing, food shopping, my Dad’s housework, the boys books and learning guitar…
  • By the way, it’s been 4 weeks since my last post….


I’m so pooped it’s untrue, but as ever I’M EXCITED and i’m busy busy busy!!!  I’ve booked myself into a Christmas Craft Fair at Antrobus House in Amesbury on Saturday 10th November between 10am – 4pm despite questioning where I will find the hours to make the actual bags that I want to sell!!  But I’ll be there so stick it in your diary and pop along and see me if you’re free!  I’ll be the frantic blonde with bloodshot eyes and a slightly crazed smile planted to my face! (Don’t worry i’ll remind you nearer the time!)

Apart from having to move house in a month, a wedding, a baby sisters belated 21st birthday party and getting my head round my new proper job, I should have a bit more free time to devote to bags in the coming weeks!

If you’re waiting for an order, I promise i’m on it and please accept my sincerest apologies that I haven’t got it to you yet!

I’m soooooo on it! xxxx

My life in pictures (but not necessarily the correct order) below…..




My motley murder mystery crew! Snaps for mega effort guys!!

Carnival Dream Barbie and Me!

The boy did a brilliant job as master tradesman (then promptly fell asleep!)


Sunday 630am at Gatwick and i’m chipper!!! Just in case she didn’t spot me!




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